Opportunity for allotments on cycle path?

After a discussion in work earlier this week about the length of time people are waiting to get an allotment it struck me on my cycle home that there are a few areas along the red line at Telford and on the Blue Line at Waterfront Avenue that could be used for Allotments.

On my way home I stopped and had a look at the areas in question and thought it would make sense. Both the areas are on bus routes, both can be accessed by bike or foot on the cycle path and there is also parking near bye.

I emailed the council this week but so far have had no response but I done my own digging about and found out that the land on the Red Line at Telford was signed over to TIE as there was supposed to be or may still be a tram going down there. Now I can’t see any trams running down there within the next ten years so surely the Council should do something useful with the land.

According to what I read about the land on the Blue line that is owned by Waterfront Edinburgh and is earmarked for development. Surely with all the land at the Waterfront they could gift this piece of land for allotments or other food growing or community initiatives?

I will post the response from the Council when I get it but would welcome peoples views. Are there any other areas that could be used?

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