Feed me baby! Innertube Map – now with RSS and email subscription

The Innertube Map website now has RSS feeds and an email subscription service – not just for the whole map, but also (and this is very cool) for each of the individual routes!

Simply click on any of the routes on the map, and you can see all the stories for just that route – and you’ll see a colour coded RSS and subscription logo and an email subscription logo in the right hand tool bar. So, if you live in Portobello, and only want to follow the stories on the Orange Line - well, now you can!

Tip – if you want to find the story page for a line, rather than a stop, pick a spot on the map away from the story stops, and click there. Alternatively, you’ll find a link to the line stories at the bottom of any article on an individual stop – they are all at the bottom of this article, for example!

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