Cramond Village

Heading townward via Queensferry and Cramond

Qferry commute

Despite the amazing vista of a blood red sky this morning, heading out from Boness for my city commute there are the first flutterings on snow and a large amount of black ice and frozen ground. Deffo worth a more vigilant cycling eye, but wrap up,…


Perfect Cramond cycling

Who’d have thought that cycling on a November day by the North Sea could be so perfect? And not just on any old bicycles – plenty of Bike Station bikes in use, including a whole group waiting for the tide to go out before setting off to explore Cr…


History: WWII on Cramond Island

There are plenty of historical remains on Cramond Island: a medieval jetty, an old farmstead and WWII fortifications, including a gun emplacement and barracks. Sheep were kept here until the 1960s, and in the past there was oyster farming. The cau…


Red Arrows Wow Crowd


The Red Arrows display on Friday night was watched by hundreds on the Purple Line between Cramond and Silverknowes. This was the first time the Red Arrows have done a display in Edinburgh for 23 years. The 30 minute spectacle was sponsored by SELE…


The Cramond Fish


In April 2009, the Cramond Fish landed on our foreshore. This magnificent work of art was purchased by the local community following a two-year fundraising drive bringing together Cramond Community Council, the Cramond Association and the Cramond …


Saturday litter-pick at Cramond beach

It’s all-go at Cramond beach this weekend as locals clean the beach for the start of the tourist season. The Marine Conservation Society are holding another Adopt-a-Beach litter pick on Cramond beach tomorrow from 10am til noon, all welcome. Glove…