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Edinburgh Cycle Chic


One of the things that drew me to the Innertube map project was its emphasis on promoting cycling as a normal mode of transport; the off-street paths as a way of getting from home to work to school to the shops, as opposed to something that you us…


Audio – Spartans FC vs Man Utd July 24th

Audio – Spartans FC vs Man Utd July 24th (mp3) In just over a month’s time, my local team, Spartans FC is going to be playing Manchester United – right here in Edinburgh! Of course, they’re the underdogs – but then so were the a couple of hundred …


Weather windows – grab them!


One thing you can rely on in Scotland is the unpredictability of the weather. Especially in summer. So every little weather window has to be grabbed with both hands! Wasn’t this evening stunning!? There was so much going on on my cycle commute hom…


Audio – Congestion on the Union Canal

With more and more cyclists and pedestrians using the canal path, what’s the etiquette for cyclists? And how can we prevent “bike rage” incidents from taking place? I ask Mark Sydenham, manager of the Bike Station, as we cycle along on a recce of …