Innertube Map quiz – 2

I’ve been running a photo quiz on our Facebook page. There’s already one photo there that had everyone stuck for ideas! I’m looking forward to posting more photos on the Innertube blog page to keep you guessing.

This one will be easier for those of you who are in the habit of looking up. These two very different buildings are either side of one of the map routes.

So where was I when I took these photos? Which Innertube Map line was I on, and which is the nearest exit?



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  1. Ian MacDonald

    Hi Ros,

    Love this idea. Reckon this one’s easy for me as I live within a stone’s throw – more than a yard, less than a mile, that is to say.

  2. firecloud

    Driven past there many times while I had to stay in the area during the last winter…. those buildings are too striking…


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