Free beach tennis on Portobello beach, Saturday 23rd, 2- 5pm

A quick look at TalkPorty reveals a last minute treat for anyone in or visiting Portobello on Saturday afternoon.

Rollingball Tennis are hosting an afternoon of free beach tennis on Portobello beach on Saturday from 2pm – 5pm.

The number 26 bus takes you to the High Street, there’s a free car park by the Indoor Bowling Centre on Bridge Street, and a bicycle park outside the Swim Centre on the prom. Just step onto the prom and look at the beach for signs of tennis nets! Ok, they actually look more like volleyball nets.

The Rollingball Tennis plan: Courts will be created on the sand to provide players of all levels with the opportunity to play and enjoy games of beach tennis. Playing with soft balls (volleys, no bounce) and small racquets will ensure that everyone is able to control the ball so that rallies happen and fun is had!

This event is supported by the International Tennis Federation

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