Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2011 on the Innertube map

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September is Doors Open Day weekend, when historic buildings across Scotland are open to the public, giving everyone a chance to see inside buildings they otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to.

In Edinburgh, many of the buildings with Open Doors are on or near the traffic-free paths shown on the Innertube map, and we are listing them all here, with their opening hours for the weekend.

Here on the Innertube map site, we are taking part with a virtual Open Door. Edinburgh’s paths are always open, and are packed with history, so posted to the stops and routes are snippets of information about local history, with the emphasis on things you can still see*.

There will also be events on the paths on the day, with details posted here.  There is much more history than we could put on here – post your own!



There is more information about all the other places you can visit on the Cockburn Association’s website (where there’s a competition to be won), or download a brochure. Follow Open Doors on Twitter – @DoorsOpenDays

* but not all the buildings we are listing here are taking part, only those with opening hours. Admire them from your bike as you pass.


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