History: The Meadows

This famous local park — through which many people walk or cycle every day on their routes to work, university, or school — can get slightly puddle-y in Edinburgh’s inclement  weather.  Not everyone knows, though, that it actually used to be a loch — the Burgh Loch.  It was drained in the seventeenth century, and had previously provided much of the city’s drinking water.  
The Meadows have seen other uses over the years, for example they played host to the 1886 International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art (from which the whale jawbones of Jawbone Walk were gained), while allotments were created on the east side of the park during World War Two to help feed the country.

Photo by Peter Stubbs (edinphoto.org).  Used with permission.


Kirsten Conacher
Kirsten Conacher

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