New canal berths at Leamington being auctioned on Ebay!

If you walk or cycle down the Union Canal, you may have noticed the new berths and colourful cabins that have created over the last six months for residential moorings. Well, after a long wait the first two of the berths are now being auctioned on Ebay – with just two days to go to the closing date!

It just goes to show, you can buy and sell nearly anything on Ebay. Though I do wonder how they are going to deliver it.

So far there have been 17 bids for the narrow beam berth, which is up to £2250 but only four bids for the only widebeam berth, which is up to £2,150. The price difference probably makes sense – after all, more people have narrow beam canal boats than broadbeams, so there is probably more competition. 

The new residential berths should be good news for the canal – increasing the number of people leaving on the canal should strengthen the community, and make it more vibrant, although I do hope that people without lots of money don’t get priced out of living on the canal by the auction process. Canal living in other cities has become an affordable option for people who can’t afford or don’t want to live in a conventional flat. 

I’m hoping that the broad-beam berth goes to the owner of Jazzmattaz, who has a lovely widebeam but so far hasn’t had a permanent home for it in Edinburgh.

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