Help us make a timelapse film of Edinburgh’s cycle paths!

I love timelapse videos. In minutes they can convey an epic sense of change, of shifting weather patterns, changing seasons and natural wonders.

Some recent favourites include Icelandia by Doug Urquat and Sky by Philip Bloom – two very different but equally striking pieces. The first shows the natural wonders and the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, whilst the second shows the man-made wonders of one of the modern world’s strangest and most striking cities – Dubai.

Timelapse films have even be used to try to show the onset of global warming. The recent documentary Chasing Ice shows how aclaimed environmental photographer James Balog and a team captured the melting icecaps in the Arctic using a series of timelapse cameras.

Timelapse films can also be used to capture the ebb and flow of human life. The video above is a timelapse of rush-hour cycling Copenhagen, and conveys far better than any image or normal video just how amazingly popular the bike is it that metropolis.

That video has inspired us to try to make a similar video for Edinburgh, showing some of the most popular parts of the Innertube at peak times. We are hoping to start filming this week, but we’d also like to see if anyone would like to collaborate with us to make the video, so that we can combine shots from all over the city.

Of course, guys like Philip Bloom and Doug Urquat are using high end DSLR’s to record their timelpase movies, but actually it’s possible to do simple timelapse recordings on a smartphone – there are apps for both Iphone and Android phones.

So if you’d like to collaborate in making this just drop me a email at or get in touch on twitter – @tomallan or @innertubemap



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