Dead hedges at Fiveways

A very traditional rural scene has come to Fiveways Junction in the form of multiple dead hedges.

An enterprising person has been busy clearing the very overgrown land alongside the path, on what used to be the railway sidings revealing a network of paths and letting in light to let the undergrowth grow, and already bulbs are springing up.

Dead hedges are a traditional way of piling up twigs, branches and leaves and were used as windbreaks, hedges and as enclosures for livestock. As they gradually break down, they provide a fabulous habitat for wildlife – from hedgehogs to insects. When they are made properly, they are artistic and an elegant way of disposing of cuttings, without the need to shred or remove branches – read more about them here. These dead hedges belong in a text book!

Take a moment to leave the main path to explore the newly-opened-up woodland area between Fiveways and the junction with Victoria Park.



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