Route access upgrades on the Lochend Path

Although the work is not fully finished, the Lochend Path, linking Leith Links/Portobello with Easter Road, has now been re-opened, including the vastly-upgraded access points from the surrounding roads (see a piece about the work before it started).

From Restalrig Crescent/Findlay Gardens and Hawkhill Avenue, the ramps have been upgraded. More significantly, at Restalirg Road what were quite dangerous steps on either side of the bridge have been completely rebuilt and a brand-new ramp has replaced the dirt track.

On the path itself, new metal benches have been installed, new lighting has been put in and there has been work along the path edges.

There is still more work to be completed, but already the improvements are noticeable.

What is also very noticeable is the shocking amount of litter and dumping along the length of the route. This has been a recurring problem, with many people complaining about it and repeated reports of the problem on Fix My Street. But the same shopping trolleys and mattresses we found in December are still there in April. There are no litter bins.

That said, there have been reports on Twitter that the litter is about to be tackled and it seems that eight bins are soon to be installed as well. But the sheer amount of rubbish will take a concerted effort to get rid of.

You can read more about the path improvements written by Greener Leith together with comments by local residents and path regulars.


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