Sustrans volunteers get stuck in to improve paths

Sustrans North Edinburgh volunteers got stuck in to making some path improvements on Wednesday evening at the Craigleith Junction. Long frustrated by mud and puddles taking up half the width of the path, and soil and grass encroaching on the edges, a team of six assembled with spades, shovels and brooms to try and tackle the problem.

In places, the verges had been ploughed up by vehicles, and the piled-up soil was stopping any run off, so permanent puddles were blocking half the path. A couple of drainage channels were dug to let the water escape and the mud and soil was scraped off the tarmac and the verges. This returned over a metre of tarmac to use, with the path suddenly being its full width again.

Elsewhere at the junction, up to a foot of grass and soil embedded along the path edges was scraped back. Around six bags of litter were collected and a signpost pointing in the wrong direction was turned to face the right way.

The group plan to hold regular evening maintenance sessions, with the next one scheduled for 5th June on the Trinity Path, between Fiveways Junction and Warriston Road. To join in, or follow their progress, visit and like their new Facebook page.

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