More volunteer vegetation pathwork

This Saturday saw another successful morning of volunteering out on the North Edinburgh paths tackling overhanging branches, obstructed lights and corners where undergrowth was hiding sightlines of oncoming people. Two sections of Himalayn balsam were also tackled.

Organised by Sustrans North Edinburgh volunteers, the first section to be tackled was at Drylaw, where brambles and nettles were chopped back that were hiding the view round the bend, making it a blind corner. Between Drylaw and Granton, various overhanging branches were chopped back, corners tided up and sightlines improved.

At the old Granton Road station, brambles and nettles hanging over the wall and narrowing the path were stripped back reclaiming about half a metre of path, while a buddleia that was almost entirely blocking the access ramp from Wardie Road was pruned back.

On the Chancelot path from Fiveways several sections of Himalayan balsam that were still in flower were pulled up, althought it was too late for many of the plants which had already seeded – they will have to be tackled next year!

Himalayan balsam bashing on the Chancelot pathOther groups have also been out lately, including a team from Aegon, organised by Sustrans, who collected some twenty bags of litter around Drylaw and chopped back branches blocking light from lamp posts or growing out over the paths.

It’s regular teams like these out who are helping keep the paths clear and well-looked after!

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