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Hi folks, I'm a volunteer ambassador for the Innertube Map, promoting the off-road path network in Edinburgh, and all the exciting things that happen along it. I enjoy cycling, running (poorly); cooking, baking, and eating the results of such activities; exciting clothes, war literature and films; and dodgy industrial music. When not at work (I'm a PA at a law firm) I can generally be found around Newington and the Meadows and the Innocent Railway paths. Let me know if you have any exciting stories connected to these routes!

History: The Meadows

This famous local park — through which many people walk or cycle every day on their routes to work, university, or school — can get slightly puddle-y in Edinburgh’s inclement weather. Not everyone knows, though, that it actually used to be a loc…


Edinburgh Cycle Chic

One of the things that drew me to the Innertube map project was its emphasis on promoting cycling as a normal mode of transport; the off-street paths as a way of getting from home to work to school to the shops, as opposed to something that you us…


The things you miss: 1

I’m bikeless for a couple of days. I’ve decided to try and make the best of it by sharing something I would have missed on two wheels, each journey – such as the fact that all the trees have identity tags!