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Telford Path link with Western General Hospital

This post was written by CDM, a member of the publicCycling back from the Western General this evening I used the Telford Cycle Path. I use this path regularly but have never came from the hospital. I cycle along Telford Road and down Groathill Av…


Opportunity for allotments on cycle path?

After a discussion in work earlier this week about the length of time people are waiting to get an allotment it struck me on my cycle home that there are a few areas along the red line at Telford and on the Blue Line at Waterfront Avenue that coul…


Red Line hazard

Users on the red line at the Telford bridge were faced with a hazard on the cycle path today after a car was burnt out on the path. The car had been moved off the path to avoid it completley blocking the path for users, however, what was left was …