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Major improvements ahead on North Meadow Walk

Starting in May, North Meadow Walk is to be completely overhauled for its entire length from Buccleuch Place in the east to Melville Drive/Brougham Place in the west. The planned works are quite substantial, coming at a cost of around £360,000, and will solve many of the problems faced on this path by both cyclists […]


Leith Links path improvements

Anyone regularly cycling between Leith Links and Portobello will be glad to see that the narrow strip of path running alongside the allotments between Links Gardens and Seafield Place is being improved as part of the path improvements in Leith Lin…


Electric bike – ultra cool or cheating


Having mentioned electric bikes in a post yesterday, I thought I’d share this article from the BBC news website today. As I work right at the top of very long hill, the idea of an electric bike has a certain appeal, but it does seem like a bit of …


British Cycling boost for women cyclists?

Reduced cyclists

The news about British Cycling’s plans to increase the number of women cyclists by 1 million, sparked a fair bit of discussion in our office today. The plans seem to be a little vague about exactly what these plans are likely to be and how much mo…


Path improvements update – the Meadows

Works to improve the layout of the junction at the south of Middle Meadow Walk at Argyle Place are nearly finished, with the junction having now re-opened to cyclists and pedestrians. The design of the cyclist “triangle” for accessing/leaving the …


Cycle Path Helping Hand

This post was written by Hart’s Cyclery, a member of the publicJust to let everyone know that I’m at Craigleith every Monday, 4-6pm, to give a helping hand to passing cyclists. Tyre-pumping, gear/brake adjustments, wheel-truing etc. All free! Pop …