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Traffic in Portobello

On 25th May, a traffic consultation community meeting was held in Portobello to discuss the traffic issues and difficulties affecting Malborough Street, Bellfield Street, Regent Street, Straiton Place and Bath Street, which run between the High St…


Storm damaged trees in the city today

A bit of excess weather today means that every path is scattered with obstacles – if they didn’t actually hit you on the way down. Several more hours of this to go at least, so wear a hard hat if you have one. Me, I’m off to bathe my face in detto…


A night with Mark Beaumont

On the 12th of May I went to the bookshop Blackwells in Edinburgh to meet the cyclist Mark Beaumont who was launching his second book “Cycling The Americas.” Seeing Mark in person after I have just started reading his first book “The Man Who Cycle…